Our Approach

The goal of AAA Sports Club is to help athletes improve their skills in their particular sport of interest while providing an entertaining and safe atmosphere.

We offer group and private lessons and we can cater to your specific needs. For example if your son is a good basketball player but needs to improve his jump-shot, we can focus our plan of attack towards improving his shooting form, footwork, and accuracy. Our coaches can gauge an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and give the proper drills and instructions to become a better all-around player.

At AAA Sports Club we hire only the most qualified of coaching candidates. We choose our coaches carefully and even require game footage of their playing careers for us to view as part of the application process. Our coaches were all former big-name high school, college, or professional players and can help young athletes acquire the “mental toughness” they could perhaps be lacking. Building an athlete’s confidence and fortitude is as important as building skill, therefore this is a strong point of emphasis with AAA Sports Club.

Meet the Team

At AAA Sports Club we hire only the best coaches in the area!  Most of our budget is dedicated to bringing in former college and professional players to coach and mentor the boys and girls in our sports camps.


Sassan Panah

Head Basketball Coach

17 years of coaching experience


Morteza Shiari

Volleyball Coach

Asian Continent Player-of-the-Year!



Christian Sellers

Head Volleyball Coach

Former AVP Tour Pro


Kyra Hill

Volleyball Coach

Cal State Fullerton Player


Ali Pourmiri

Head Soccer Coach

Former Pro Player in Mexico


Kirt Goines Jr.

Basketball Coach

Semi-Professional Player

Limited Spots Available

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